Ecological Research


    Vol. 36 (2021)
    No. submitted articles: 267
    No. accepted articles: 92


    Statistics in the 6 months (2022.01-06)
    Days to First Decision (All Manuscripts): 38.96 (days)
    Days to First Decision (Mss. with Final Decisions Only): 41.76 (days)

    Current issue
    (vol. 37, issue 6)
    Days for acceptance:
    136.0 (92–267)
    Days for Early View:
    180.7 (140–376)
    Days for publication:
    281.78 (225–417)


Ecological Research Paper Award: Of the papers published in each volume of "Ecological Research", approximately five will be chosen by members of the editorial board as "excellent papers". Note that submission to Ecological Research is not restricted to the ESJ members. Recipients of the Awards is also not limited to the ESJ members.

Details of selection

21th Ecological Research Paper Award!!

Pandey A. et al.awd_Anvita
Forest degradation impacts on carbon stocks, tree density and regeneration status in banj oak forests of Central Himalaya
Kitayama K. et al.awd_Kitayama
Genecology and ecophysiology of the maintenance of foliar phenotypic polymorphisms of Leptospermum recurvum (Myrtaceae) under oscillating atmospheric desiccation in the tropical‐subalpine zone of Mount Kinabalu, Borneo
Egawa S. et al.awd_Egawa
Geographic changes in pollinator species composition affect the corolla tube length of self‐heal (Prunella vulgaris L.): Evidence from three elevational gradients
Washitani I. et al.awd_Washitani
Testing a butterfly commonness hypothesis with data assembled by a citizen science program “Tokyo Butterfly Monitoring”

Ecological Research Paper Award in the Past

20th2019Muko et alFujinuma et alTsuyuzakiOh et al
19th2018Friedman et alFujii et alAskeyev et alYoshikawa et alTakai et alSaihanna et al
18th2017Nagai et alKusumoto et alTatsumi et alAtsumi & KoizumiVanneste et al
17th2016Kobori et alCapula et alNagamitsu et alTakamura & NakagawaNishizawa et al
16th2015Urakawa et alMatsuura & MatsunagaMaldonado-Lopez et alFujita & KodaSenga et al
15th2014Akamatsu et alCristóbal et alUmemura & TakenakaEmura et alOnipchenko et al
14th2013Kusumoto et alCroneTakahashi et al
13th2012Hirayama et alTsugeki et alOkajima et alEriksson et al
12th2011Tanaka et alChikaraishi et alBekku et al
11th2010Sakaguchi et alLivingston et alNiinemetsNishimura et al
10th2009Manabe et alIchihashi et alKohzu et alAkashi
9th2008Suzuki et alSatake et alMurakami et alTamura & Hayashi
8th2007Yonekura et alKim et alKubota et alOnoda et alYamanaka et al
7th2006Hishi et alAbe et alUno et alKawasaki et al
6th2005ShimizuUragushi & KuboInoue et alIto & Hino
5th2004Shimazaki et alKato et alTogashi et alHanya et al
4th2003Kohzu et alOsada et alIzumiyama et alYoshida et al
3rd2002KajimotoLee et al
2nd2001Konishi et alTanabe et al
1st2000Mariko et alShiyomi & YoshimuraNomura et alWada et al