Ecological Research


    Vol. 36 (2021)
    No. submitted articles: 267
    No. accepted articles: 92


    Statistics in the 6 months (2021.07-12)
    Days to First Decision (All Manuscripts): 40.9 (days)
    Days to First Decision (Mss. with Final Decisions Only): 37.8 (days)

    Current issue
    (vol. 37, issue 2)
    Days for acceptance:
    118.71 (58–257)
    Days for Early View:
    158.43 (90–320)
    Days for publication:
    227.86 (167–377)


    Selection procedure of the Ecological Research Paper Award

    The purpose of the Ecological Research Paper Award is to recognize the outstanding papers and their authors in each volume (6 issues a year) in Ecological Research (ER). The Board of Editors of ER selects approximately five papers annually as excellent papers. The recipients are not limited to the members of the Ecological Society of Japan.

    Selection Procedure

    1. Nomination of the candidates Associate Editor-in-Chiefs (AEiCs) should nominate up to two papers, giving the reasons by e-mail to the ER Editorial Office. All AEiCs are required to reply even if he or she has decided that no papers are eligible during that year.

    2. First vote The first vote is conducted by the Editors. Each member should vote for three papers from the nominations, based on the recommendations by the AEiCs and rank them in order of excellence. Members who choose to vote for papers excluded from the nomination list should submit the reason for the special selection with the paper they have voted for.

    3. Final vote Based on the outcome of the first vote, each AEiC and the Deputy Editor-in-chief (EiC) should vote for three papers after ranking them.

    4 . Decision Approximately five papers will appear on the Award recipients list, after the highest scores have been calculated by the Editorial Office. If borderline scores are identical, the final decision will be made by the EiC. After the result is reported to the AEiCs, the Editorial Committee will review and approve the list provided, via the office of the Ecological Society of Japan.

    5. Revision When the revision of these procedures is necessary, an approval by the Editorial Committee will be required.

    Supplemental rules

    1. These provisions shall come into effect from July, 11, 2015.