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    Vol. 36 (2021)
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    No. accepted articles: 92


    Statistics in the 6 months (2021.07-12)
    Days to First Decision (All Manuscripts): 40.9 (days)
    Days to First Decision (Mss. with Final Decisions Only): 37.8 (days)

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    vol. 22 2007


    Top: A male sika deer, Cervus nippon, grazing in the grassland of the Ebino Plateau. The numbers of sika deer are now rapidly increasing in Japan, causing drastic changes in forest vegetation.
    Photo by Tetsukazu Yahara

    Middle: A large Magnolia hypoleuca blossom in the male stage, which attracts a variety of pollinators as well as pollination biologists. Each flower blooms only two days, being female on the first day.
    Photo by Yuji Isagi

    Bottom: The level top of Mt. Odaigahara, which once was covered by dense spruce forest but now has become Sasa grassland owing to overpopulation of sika deer.
    Photo by Tetsukazu Yahara