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    vol. 23 2008


    Top: Minami-iwo Island in the northwestern Pacific. This volcanic island has an area of 3.54 km2 and rises to an altitude of 916 m. There has been no human habitation on Minami-iwo because its steep cliffs on all sides make the island nearly inaccessible; therefore, the native ecosystem has been preserved in excellent condition. The habitat of this island is strictly protected, and the island had no human visitors from 1982 until July 2007, when a scientific expedition was conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Metropolitan University.
    Photo by Satoshi Chiba

    Middle: A possible new species of land snail, Vertigo sp., found on trees at the summit of Minami-iwo.
    Photo by Satoshi Chiba

    Bottom: Bonin flying fox (Pteropus pselaphon), the flight of which occurs during the daytime on Minami-iwo.
    Photo by Hidetoshi Kato