Ecological Research


    Vol. 36 (2021)
    No. submitted articles: 267
    No. accepted articles: 92


    Statistics in the 6 months (2021.07-12)
    Days to First Decision (All Manuscripts): 40.9 (days)
    Days to First Decision (Mss. with Final Decisions Only): 37.8 (days)

    Current issue
    (vol. 37, issue 2)
    Days for acceptance:
    118.71 (58–257)
    Days for Early View:
    158.43 (90–320)
    Days for publication:
    227.86 (167–377)

    vol. 35 2020


    Top left: Laetiporus sulphureus fruiting on a standing tree stem at Odaigahara, Kii peninsula, Japan. Photo by Yu Fukasawa.

    Top right: Juvenile Masu salmon in the Shubuto River basin, Hokkaido, Japan. Photo by Akira Terui.

    Bottom left: Japanese tits combine calls to form complex messages, providing the evidence for syntax in animals. Photo by Toshitaka N. Suzuki.

    Bottom right: Riparian forest (Fraxinus platypoda) in Chichibu Mountains, Japan. Provided by Hitoshi Sakio.