Tips for a rapid publication—Checklist for your resubmissions and revisions

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When you revise your manuscript based on the comments from the editor and the reviewers, you are expected to modify the files in accordance with our "Instructions for Authors (IFA)".
Strict adherence to the rules makes our copyediting-processes easier and quicker, and consequently shorten the time until your paper will be published.

Responses to the reviewers' comments

The Editor(s) of Ecological Research check and confirm the modifications one by one. Please verify the following points.

Note: We cannot accept any 'Rejected' manuscripts once they have already been rejected. (Regarding rejected manuscripts which are 'Rejected but encouraged resubmission', we will review them only if the appropriate revisions are made.)



In Figures and Tables

=>1. Typographical rules in Figure guides =>9. Legends/captions in Figure guides

Making Figures

=>7. Guides for making files in Figure guide =>2. Formatting rules in Figure guides =>3. Construction guides in Figure guides =>4. Guides for multiple panels in Figure guides =>6. Notes for color illustrations in Figure guides

Making tables

=>8. Guides for tables in Figure guides

If you have any inquiries, please contact the Ecological Research Editorial Office.
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