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Notes on File Preparation for Oral Presentation at ESJ

*This document is NOT for presentation at symposia.
Speakers of symposia are asked to contact the organizers of the symposia.

Please read this instruction, and upload your file at the File Upload Page. You will not be able to read your paper if the file is not uploaded in time. On-site installation of a file from any media such as USB memories and CD-ROMs is not acceptable.

Format and size of a file

Oral presentations are to be made with PDF files or MicroSoft PowerPoint files using PCs (with Windows XP) and projectors prepared by the organizing committee.

The uploaded files will be installed to the PC beforehand. Presentations using your personal PC is NOT allowed.

The uploaded files will soon be deleted after the meeting. The files will not be distributed for any purposes other than the presentation at the ESJ annual meeting.

PowerPoint files should be able to work on the MS Windows version of PowerPoint2007.

If you are working on Mac OS, please do not use MS Windows non-compatible fonts.

The maximum acceptable file size is 20 MB. Images of unnecessarily high resolutions are to be avoided.

Animations may be used, but we do not guarantee its proper operation.


Deadlin of the file upload is Marh 9, 17:00 (JST). If you do not upload the file by the deadline, you cannot read your paper with presentation files.

Allotted Time and PC operation

Twelve minutes are allotted for presentation and three minutes, for questions and comments. You will hear a bell at 10 min, 12 min and 14 min 30 sec.

An operator will show the first slide on the screen. You are expected to navigate the following sides by yourself, but you may ask the operator to handle it for you.