Inquiry and FAQ


The organizing Committee of ESJ64 is always open to accept inquiries and your opinions on the meeting through the following link. Before contact us, please read following FAQ.



Q: I lost my membership ID/login ID.

A: If you are a member, send an inquiry to the membership administration office using the inquiry form ( If you are a non-member, write to the help desk at


Q: I need an invitation letter to prove that I have been admitted to make presentations at the meeting and/or to apply for visa from the Japanese embassy.

A: We can issue an invitation letter from the president of the ESJ upon request. Please let us know your registration number and the type of your presentation (English Presentation Award, poster presentation, symposium, organized session etc.).


Q: I could not register the abstract by the deadline. Will my poster/oral presentation be cancelled?

A: Your presentation will not be cancelled. Your abstract will not appear in the web program.


Q: I did not apply for a presentation, but is it still possible to participate in the ESJ meeting as an audience?

A: Yes, you can. We also accept on-site registration.


Q: I have requested for a correction of my presentation details, but the web program is not updated.

A: The program book (or the web program) will not be updated. Your request will be listed in the errata.


Q: Does the registration fee include tax?

A: Yes, it includes tax.


Q: Please let me know how to cancel my presentation.

A: Inform us using the inquiry form, but please note that we do not update the program book or the web program. Refunding of the registration fee is allowed before the registration deadline. Please see the cancellation policy at the conference website.


Q: Are the participants of workshop required to pay the registration fee?

A: If the participant attends only the workshop and not any other events, he/she does not have to pay the fee.


Q: Is it possible to change or cancel the speaker of an organized session after the deadline (November 1)?

A: You can cancel but cannot change speakers. We do not update the program book or the web program to reflect the cancellation.