Submission of presentation file for oral session (including EPA)

Dear speaker of Oral session (including EPA) in ESJ65

This webpage is to remind you that the deadline for submission of your
presentation file is 23:59 (JST), Wednesday March 7, 2018. Please
login the following website and submit your presentation file.

Instructions for preparing presentation file:

  • You should prepare a presentation file saved as Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (Windows) or Adobe Reader (for PDF file) installed on the windows PC (OS: Windows 10).
  • Your PowerPoint file should be compatible to Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 on Windows 10. To avoid the presentation with garbled characters, we recommend to use only the standard font sets on this OS or embed fonts into the file. Projector and screen are not compatible with widescreen. Please make the slide size a 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • If you make a presentation file on Mac OS, please convert the file to a Windows file then confirm its operation on a Windows OS with your responsibility before registration.
  • Your presentation file (in the form of *.ppt, *.pptx, or *.pdf) should be united to a single file of less than 20 megabytes. Please pay attention to avoid high-resolution photos or graphics. It is possible to insert compatible movie clips or so into your presentation file, unless the file size does not exceed 20 megabytes. However, we do not guarantee it works as you intended.