The 66th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan


The 66th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ66) will be held by the Organizing Committee and the Annual Meeting Planning Committee as follows.

Information will be updated in the next newsletter and on this website. Please refer to them for the latest information.
Please note that some changes have been made from the last meeting. Two major changes are; 1) organized sessions are discontinued, and 2) workshops are now an official function, which means a cost is applied to audience members who only attend workshops (1000 yen for all workshops).

Major changes from the last meeting

Organized sessions are discontinued

Symposia and workshops are continued with small changes as below.

Symposia About 3 hours Invited speakers are encouraged and their registration fee may be waived (including speakers invited by the journal Ecological Research; ER symposium)
Workshops About 1.5 hours Workshops are considered as an official function of a meeting from ESJ66 (presentation with a registered abstract is considered as an official presentation).
Opinions or lightning talks without abstracts are also acceptable.

For more details, please click here.

Audience members need to pay for workshops (1000 yen)

Because workshops have become an official function, a fee applies, even for audiences who only attend workshops. The workshop ticket (1000 yen), which is valid for all workshops during the meeting, will be sold at the venue.

Pre-registration and pre-applications are unnecessary for memberships, symposia, and the English Presentation Award (except for the ER symposia)

The deadline of any registration is 23:59 (JST) on Wednesday October 31, 2018 (the Inquiry desk will be closed at 17:00 of the same day). However, symposia with guest speakers invited by Ecological Research, our journal, are an exception because the preliminary application is required.


- Only ESJ members can give a presentation at annual meetings (however, see some exceptions outlined under “Qualification for participation” below). If you were not an ESJ member, you need to join ESJ before you register your presentation and pay the 2019 membership fee by the first day of the ESJ 66. Please see here for the details.
- The symposium organizers who request guest speakers invited by Ecological Research must register by 23:59 on Friday August 31, 2018. Prease see here for the details

Name tags, presentation titles, authors’ names, etc., of all Japanese presentations are shown in both English and Japanese

 Even for speakers who give Japanese presentations need to register such information in English. This information will be shown on name tags and on the program.

・Venue and Date

Friday March 15 to Tuesday March 19, 2019
Kobe Convention Center (

・Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of the 66th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan
Yasuro KADONO (Kobe University), Chair of the Organizing Committee
Atushi USHIMARU (Kobe University), Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee

For correspondence on any subjects, please contact us via the inquiry form.

・Schedule and Deadlines

・Open dates for registration
Join ESJ (including re-joining) At any time before the deadline
Registration for attendance, symposia, workshops 1 month prior to the deadline
Pre-applications for symposia with guest speakers invited by ER 1 month prior to the deadline
Preliminary applications for symposia with guest speakers invited by ER 23:59 (JST), Friday, August 31, 2018
Proposals for symposia and workshops 23:59 (JST), Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Applications for oral and poster presentations
Applications for the English presentation award
Applications for the poster presentation award
Abstract submissions 1 month prior to the meeting (tentative)
  • * These deadlines are subject to change. Please refer to the ESJ66 website for the latest information.
  • * Please make sure to apply early. We are unable to answer inquiries between 17:00 and 23:59 PM (JST) on deadline days.
  • * No changes and additions will be accepted after deadlines.

・Qualifications for participation

For details about limitations on duplicated applications for symposia, workshops, and oral/poster sessions, please see the following sections.

Presenters\membership ESJ member Non-member
Oral and poster presentations*1 O  
Organizer of a symposium or a workshop*2 O  
Speaker of a symposium*1 O O
Speaker of a workshop*1 O  
Commentator in a symposium and workshops*3 O O
  • *1 For presenters of presentations. Co-authors are not necessarily ESJ members.
  • *2 Co-organizers should also be ESJ members.
  • *3 Commentators do not submit abstracts. If you submit an abstract, you will be a presenter.

- Those who are currently non-members of ESJ but will be a presenter and/or an organizer should become a member before registration and pay for their membership by the date of the ESJ66 meeting. This is also applicable to those who re-join ESJ due to failure to pay membership fees in previous years.

- If you are going to attend Poster Presentations by High School Students, please check the guidance in “Ecology for all young generations” (only available in Japanese).

- Non-members can be an audience member of any session by paying the meeting registration fee.

- Workshop tickets will be available for 1000 yen, and will be valid for all days during the meeting. This ticket is limited to attending workshops and public lectures.

・Registration fee and Banquet fee

- Details regarding payment of registration and banquet fees will be announced in the next newsletter. Please note that the ESJ membership fee should be paid separately from the registration and banquet fees.

- To promote meeting attendance by undergraduate students, their registration fee is planned to be waived by them showing their student ID at the reception desk.

- Workshop tickets are available for 1000 yen if you only attend workshops.

* Please take note that even workshop attendance requires payment. (The ticket is effective throughout the meeting.) This rule comes into effect from ESJ66.

・Public Lecture

The 22nd public lecture by the Ecological Society of Japan.

Title: Challenge and upcoming issues for the threats of invasive species (tentative)
Date: Saturday, March 16, 2019
Venue: Kobe International Conference Center/ Kobe International Exhibition Hall (

The lecture will be held in Japanese. Further details will be announced in the next newsletter.

・Call for symposium proposals

We invite members’ proposals for symposia in the ESJ66. Because symposia are the scientific centerpiece of the meeting, each proposer should carefully read and understand the following points. Each symposium will be scheduled to last around 3 hours.

* Pre-applications are not required to organize a symposium from the ESJ66. Only in cases where organizers wish to apply to the ER symposium (guest speakers will be invited by the journal Ecological Research), the pre-application must be submitted by 23:59 (JST), Friday, August 31, 2018.

・Criteria of symposium proposals

- Meeting participants are those who would like to join symposia on various subjects and also expect new topics not yet covered in recent ESJ symposia. The Planning Committee encourages proposals from those who have no or less experience as symposium organizers.

- To promote interdisciplinary exchanges, it is possible to invite non-ESJ members as symposium speakers with no registration fees. Please note that 2-year continuous invitation of the same person is not allowed.

- Among the symposium speakers from abroad, more than one individual will be invited by the journal Ecological Research. (Traveling expenses and/or their registration fee will be covered). As a general rule, the invited speaker(s) is required to contribute an article or a review paper related to the symposium talk to Ecological Research.

- Proposals from young scientists are particularly encouraged.

・Promotion of communications in English

- International students in Japan and participants from abroad have been increasing at recent ESJ annual meetings. To further facilitate scientific communication among participants, the ESJ66 encourages the use of English during the meeting, particularly in symposia and workshops.

- The addition of English explanations to presenters’ slides is encouraged at symposia, workshops, and sessions held in Japanese. Please prepare English handouts wherever possible (in English symposia, handouts and bilingual slides will also promote participation of non-native English speakers).


- The The symposium organizers who request for symposia proposals is 23:59 (JST), Wednesday, October 31, 2018. The application procedure will be announced through the next newsletter, and the official website at the end of September.

- The deadline for the application of invited speakers by the journal Ecological Research is 23:59 (JST), Friday, August 31, 2018. Details of the application will be announced through the official website at the end of July.

- The Planning Committee will not get involved in the contents of a symposium. However, the proposal will be declined if the contents of symposia include criticism of specific people or organizations.

- The Planning Committee will accept all proposals to symposia as far as the capacity of the venue allows, except for the proposal mentioned above.

・Limitations on submitting proposals

- Symposium organizers are limited only to ESJ members. Non-ESJ members cannot be symposium organizers or co-organizers.

- An organizer or a speaker of a symposium is unable to become an organizer or a speaker at another symposium (“speaker” means the main speaker of the presentation).

- An organizer or a speaker of a symposium is unable to become an organizer and/or a speaker of a workshop, or an oral or poster presenter.

- Overviews, comments, and opinions without the submission of their abstract are not counted as presentations. Therefore, symposium introductions and/or comments without the registered abstract are not subject to limitation for duplicated presentation.

・Call for workshop proposals

ESJ66 is calling for workshops. Please feel free to apply for organizing workshops, referring to the following information. The workshop is planned to be around 90 minutes long.
* Workshops become an official function from ESJ66. Because of this, there is a charge to attend workshops (1000 yen for a workshop pass), even for audience members who only attend workshops.

・Concept and application limit

- The ESJ has traditionally regarded workshops as meetings in which participants can discuss about unconventional topics and launch new fields in Ecology.
- For the workshop, both the registered overview and the abstracts of individual presentations are published in the program and the abstract book.
- *Due to the formalization of the workshop, speakers of workshops are now able to register their abstracts.
- Organizers, including co-organizers, need to be ESJ members. Non-ESJ members cannot become organizers.
- Speakers, including invited speakers, need to be ESJ members. However, non-ESJ members can make comments and/or express opinions without registration of an abstract.
- Workshop speakers and organizers can be a speaker at either oral and poster sessions.
- Workshop speakers and organizers are not allowed to be the organizers or speakers of symposia and/or other workshops.
- Overviews, comments, and opinions without the submission of their abstract are not counted as presentations. Therefore, they are not subject to limitation for duplicated presentation.

・Application guideline

- The deadline for workshop applications is 23:59 (JST), Wednesday, October 31, 2018. Detailed instructions for applications will be announced in the next newsletter and on the website in late September.
- The Planning Committee will not get involved in the contents of workshops. However, the proposal will be declined if the contents of workshops include criticism of specific people or organizations.

・Acceptance/rejection of workshop

- When the number of workshop applications exceeds the venue capacity, their acceptance/rejection will be determined by lottery. For rejected workshops, the Planning Committee will take alternative measures to secure opportunities for the presentations of its organizers and speakers.
- The Planning Committee will contact organizers about the acceptance/rejection within 3 weeks past the application deadline.

- Differences between symposia and workshops are outlined below.

  Symposia Workshops
Concept Principal meetings Free discussion about various topics
Time Around 3 hours Around 90 minutes
Priority for holding meetings Top priority Lottery (if any)
Date and time Time at which audiences easily gather Time when there is no symposia (e.g., evening)
Involvement by the Planning Committee No (only in the case of any libel and slander directed toward specific persons or organizations)
Qualification of organizers ESJ members
Presentations by non-ESJ members Encouraged.
(Invited speakers are exempt from the participation fee.)
Not approved.
(Comments and opinions with no abstract registration are approved.)
Payment of traveling expenses to invited overseas speakers invited by ER.Approved (More than one speaker, but limited.) Not approved
Presentations for oral and poster sessions by organizers and speakers Not approved Approved
Presentation at other meetings by organizers and speakers Not approved
Deadline for application October 31, 2018
Deadlines for registration of overview of meeting, speakers, and abstracts of presentations. October 31, 2018
Publishing content in the program and abstract book Both overview of the meeting and abstracts of presentations


Forums are organized by the Committee of the ESJ and are aimed at inviting opinions on issues related to ecology. The ESJ is addresses, promotes and shares information among ESJ members and develops agreement in the ESJ by widespread discussion. Organizing and providing topics are exempted from the “one presentation rule”. Representatives of each Committee can register to forums.

・Oral and poster sessions

- ESJ members are invited to give a presentation during either oral or poster sessions. Choose your preference for a presentation type (oral or poster). However, due to limitations in space and time, we may ask you to change your presentation type (oral or poster).

- To assign rooms and time for oral presentations and to allot poster presentations appropriately by topic, we ask you to choose sections from the list that match your presentation when applying for a presentation. Sections of presentation topics are under consideration by the ESJ Committee. The details will be uploaded on the ESJ website as soon as possible. Your section may be subject to change due to the number of applications and limitations in space.

- We will provide chances for presentation and discussion in English during oral sessions. We encourage oral presentations in English to enhance scientific communication with participants who have difficulty using Japanese. You can also choose to make your oral presentation during only English oral sessions, which will be assigned to a corresponding section according to your presentation topic. The oral presentations in English in these topic sections will be grouped together with the presentations entered for the English Presentation Award.

- A speaker (or the main contributor at a poster session) of each presentation has to be a member of the ESJ. Any co-author(s) need not be an ESJ member(s).

- Each ESJ member is allowed to represent only one oral or poster presentation as a presenter (she/he can co-present more than one).

- Oral and poster presentations cannot be given by organizers and speakers in symposia and organized sessions. These restrictions are imposed to share limited resources (space and time).

・English Presentation Award

The English Presentation Award (EPA) aims to promote English presentations at ESJ annual meetings and to give all participants more opportunities to share scientific ideas with international students and visiting researchers in Japan. At the same time, the EPA working group gives students and early career members an opportunity to gain experience in scientific communication, particularly experience that will be useful at international meetings. The EPA is open to students or early career researchers who have received a PhD within 5 years before March 2019. Please apply for the EPA at ESJ66 registration when application for oral presentations is open (it is NOT necessary to contact us in advance). We are looking forward to your application for the English Presentation Award.

・Poster Award

The ESJ will award young researchers (undergraduates, graduate students, or those young scientists without doctoral degrees) presenting excellent posters. We particularly encourage presenters who give courteous and considerate presentation to audiences who do not understand Japanese, to enter for the award. The details for Poster Award will be announced in the next newsletter.

・Ecocup 2019

A competition of futsal games (five on five soccer game), Ecocup 2019, is planned as a satellite program (scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 20th March 2019). It is managed by an independent organizing committee for Ecocup 2019. Details will be posted on the website.