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EAFES Special Symposium EX03 -- 18 March 9:30-12:00 Room C

Ecosystem Assessment, Planning and Sustainable Management

Organizers: Ouyang, Zhiyun (RCEES, CAS), OKUDA Toshinori (IRS, HU)

Ecosystem service assessment, planning and sustainable management

Organizers:OUYANG Zhiyun,OKUDA Toshinori

Ecosystem services include provisioning services; regulating services; cultural services; and supporting services. Ecosystem service assessment and evaluation are recognized as the bridge linking ecological knowledge with economic decision making. During last decades, great progresses have been made in ecosystem service evaluation, ecosystem service mapping, their policy implementation in various types of land management, ecological conservation, and degraded ecosystem restoration. In this symposium, topic will be focused on ecosystem service assessment and policy applications, including methods of ecosystem service assessment and evaluation, ecosystem restoration and ecosystem services, spatial pattern of ecosystem services and land use planning, and ecosystem management toward sustainability.

[EX03-1] Distribution of service value of China coastal ecosystem & its application for reclamation Chen Shang(SOA, China)

[EX03-2] Ecosystem service and landuse managment OUYANG Zhiyun (RCEES, CAS)

[EX03-3] The natural landscape assessment in China CHENG Cheng (RCEES, CAS)

[EX03-4] Effects of regional collaboration on ecosystem services in the upper watershed of Miyun reservoir, Beijing LI Yifeng (RCEES, CAS)

[EX03-5] Remediation of ecosystem service and goods in SE Asian tropics employing of good practice of REDD plus OKUDA Toshinori (IRS, HU)

[EX03-6] Biodiversity and conservation in the Yangtze River Basin XU Weihua (RCEES, CAS)

[EX03-7] Research in Biodiversity of Tropical Forest in Hainan Island, China LI Yide (RISF, CAF)

[EX03-8] Ecosystem service, viewed from local communities. ABE Kenichi (CCPC, RIHN)