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EAFES Special Symposium EX04 -- 18 March 9:30-12:00 Room I

Wetlands in Asia under Global Climate Change

Organizers: KANG, Hojeong, HARAGUCHI, Akira

Wetlands play a key role in global biogeochemical cycle by sequestering CO2, and by releasing various traces gases into the atmosphere. They also represent a hot spot of biodiversity by providing valuable habitats for rare species of plants, invertebrates and others. This symposium is to provide a venue to discuss and disseminate scientific information collected from wetlands in Asia in relation to global climate change. In particular, issues around impacts of global climate changes on wetlands, biological feedbacks of wetlands to the atmospheric composition, changes in biodiversity in wetlands, and water quality amelioration by wetlands will be presented.

[EX04-1] Greenhouse gas fluxes from peatland soils in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia MORISHITA, Tomoaki. Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan

[EX04-2] In situ measurements of decomposition rate of peat with reference to water chemistry HARAGUCHI, Akira. The University of Kitakyushu, Japan

[EX04-3] Tropical peat soil turns into a potent source of N2O emission after inappropriate management of reclaimed peatland HASHIDOKO, Yasuyuki. Hokkaido University, Japan

[EX04-4] Effects of extreme drought on microbial properties in tropical peat KANG, Hojeong. Yonsei University, Korea

[EX04-5] Methane dynamics and related microbes in a radish field and a rice paddy in a temperate region JANG, Inyoung. Yonsei University, Korea

[EX04-6] Inhibition of trace gas emission from marsh wetland designed with Sphagnum KIM, Sunghyun. Yonsei University, Korea