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EAFES Special Symposium EX05 -- 18 March 9:30-12:00 Room L

The Role of Vegetation Science in a Changing Asia : Goal of IAVS2012

Organizers: HONG, Sun-Kee (Mokpo National University), NAKASHIZUKA, Tohru (Tohoku University), MA, Keping (Institute of Botany, CAS)

As pre-meeting of IAVS2012, we will share new information of vegetation ecology and exchanges our understanding on landscape change including human impact on vegetation during this symposium during 5th EAFES.

[EX05-1] Vegetation Science of Tropical Forest in Indonesia SUZUKI, Eizi (Kagoshima University)

[EX05-2] Distribution of Ficus in Mt. Makiling, the Philippines  BAEK, Myeong-Su, *CHO, Do-Soon (The Catholic Univ. of Korea)

[EX05-3] Complexities in Differentiating the Effects of Climate Change from Dynamic Vegetation Changes of Abies koreana Forests on Mt. Hallasan, Jeju Island, Korea SONG, Kuk-Man (Jeju National University, Korea), KOH, Jung-Goon (Research Institute for Hallasan, Jeju City), KIM, Chan-Soo(Warm-Temperate Forest Research Center, Korea Forest Research Institute), LEE, Suk-Chang (Jayeon Jeju), *KIM, Eun-Shik (Kookmin University)

[EX05-4] Species Coexistence in Forest Ecosystems MA, Keping (Institute of Botany, CAS)

[EX05-5] Predicting Impact of Climate Change on Potential Habitats of Some Forest Dominant Species in Japan *MATSUI, Tetsuya, TSUYAMA, Ikutaro, NAKAO, Katsuhiro, HIGA, Motoki, NAKAZONO, Etsuko, HORIKAWA. Masahiro, KOMINAMI, Yuji, and Nobuyuki TANAKA (Hokkaido Research Centre, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI)

[EX05-6] New Trend of Spatial dhoEcology in Vegetation Science Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI (Hiroshima University)

[EX05-7] National Database of Vegetation Samples and Its Applicability in Japan Mahito KAMADA (Tokushima University)

[EX05-8] Classification and Characteristic of Coastal Sand dune Vegetation in Korea *Hyeon-Ho MYEONG (Mokpo National University), Byung-Sun IHM (Mokpo National University), Jeom-Sook LEE (Kunsan National University)