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EAFES Symposium ES01 -- 19 March 9:00-12:00 Room B

Biogeochemical responses to climate changes and air pollution in East Asian forest ecosystems

Organizers: SHIBATA, Hideaki (Hokkaido Univ), FANG, Yunting (South China Botanical Garden, CAS, China), CHEN, Xi Yun (Beijing Normal Univ, China), INAGAKI, Yoshiyuki (FFPRI)

This symposium provides the interactive opportunity to exchange the current status of the understandings of biogeochemical responses to climate change and air pollution in East Asian forest ecosystems. We especially focus on case studies and/or overview synthesis that are relevant to the overall symposium theme in China, Korea and Japan. Those three countries are located closely in East Asian region, but have different ecological and economical characteristics historically and currently, providing the unique differences of the biogeochemical responses to various environmental changes. We will involve the topics on ecosystem ecology dealing with biogeochemical processes on various temporal and spatial scales with different research approaches. We hope this symposium would facilitate the further discussion on the current understandings on this discipline.

[ES01-1] Historical changes of plant available N in southern China revealed by tree ring delta 15N KUANG, Yuanwen (South China Botanical Garden, CAS)

[ES01-2] Recent advances of 15N analysis in stream water as indicator of nitrogen saturation in forest watershed KOBA, Keisuke*(Tokyo Univ Agri Tech), FANG, Yunting (CAS)

[ES01-3] Carbon and nitrogen cycling in a red pine stand with varying degrees of damage from pine wilt disease KIM, Choonsig (Gyeongnam Nat Univ Sci Tech, Korea)

[ES01-4] Effect of winter climate changes on soil nitrogen dynamics in forest ecosystems URAKAWA, Rieko (Tokyo Univ Agri Tech)

[ES01-5] Quantifying the effects of external nitrogen on soil nitrogen dynamics in subtropical forest ecosystems in China CHEN, Xi Yun (Beijing Normal Univ)