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EAFES Symposium ES07 -- 21 March 9:00-12:00 Room A

Response of populations and trophic interactions to climate changes: terrestrial vs. aquatic systems and temperate vs. tropical regions

Organizers: HSIEH, Chih-hao (National Taiwan Univ.), MIKI, Takeshi (National Taiwan Univ.)

Climate change is one of the most important drivers of biodiversity loss and change in population, community, and ecosystem services. We aim to better understand commonalities and singularities of ecosystem responses at the level of (1) primary producers, (2) producer-consumer interactions, and (3) biodiversity in the communities between different climatic regions (temperate vs. tropical) and different ecosystems (aquatic vs. terrestrial), through five speakers from Taiwan and Japan. We will also invite Dr. DOI Hideyuki (Hiroshima Univ., Japan) and Dr. CHEN I-Ching (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) as commentators to facilitate a discussion for launching comparative ecosystems studies between Taiwan and Japan.

[ES07-1] Introduction: Regional variations of climate in Taiwan and Japan Miki*T (Natl. Taiwan Univ.)

[ES07-2] Decoupling between phytoplankton biomass and production is determined by zooplankton grazing control in Feitsui Reservoir, northern Taiwan Chang C-W, Shiah F-K (Natl. Taiwan Univ., Academia Sinica), Wu J-T (Academia Sinica), Hsieh*C-H (Natl. Taiwan Univ.)

[ES07-3] Broad-scale variation in biodiversity and functions of seagrass beds along the Pacific coast of eastern Asia  Nakaoka*, M (Hokkaido Univ.)

[ES07-4] The mechanism of marine ecosystem regime shift in the Kuroshio Extension region: Wind off Hawaii and sardine fishery in Japan Saito*H (Fisheries Research Agency)

[ES07-5] Latitudinal variation in plant-animal interactions in salt marshes Ho*C-K (Natl. Taiwan Univ.), Pennings SC (Univ. Houston)

[ES07-6] Simulated warming effects on plant-insect interactions in a cold temperate region Nakamura*M, Nakaji T, Hiura T (Hokkaido Univ.), Muller O (Colorado Univ.)