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EAFES Symposium ES08 -- 21 March 9:00-12:00 Room B

Hot spots in agriculture ecosystems: multi-scale heterogeneity and species interaction

Organizer: NATUHARA, Y (Nagoya Univ)

The biodiversity associated with traditional agricultural landscapes has suffered greatly through the introduction of modern agricultural practices. Several efforts have been made to restore habitats for wildlife in agricultural land. An example is habitat restoration accompanying the reintroduction of the crested ibis in Japan. However, wildlife conservation efforts in agriculture land sometimes hinder the efficiency of crop production. Multi-scale efforts are being made across the wider landscape in search of potential spatial synergies. It is also important to evaluate the ecosystems on the basis of species coexisting in a rice field and the trophic interactions that link them, including trophic cascades and trait-mediated effects. This symposium summarizes relevant research from the microscopic to the global-monitoring scales.

[ES08-1] Interaction networks in agricultural landscapes NATUHARA, Y/AKIYAMA, Y

[ES08-2] The effect of landscape structure on both agricultural production and biodiversity YAMAMOTO, S (NIAES)

[ES08-3] How do reintroduced crested ibises rely on paddies and Satoyama landscape? NAGATA, H (Niigata Univ)

[ES08-4] Importance of rice fields in the CCZ area of South Korea LEE, Sangdon (Ewha Womans Univ)

[ES08-5] Horizontal webs of Tetragnatha spiders and abundant weeds enhance biological control of insect pests by spiders in organic paddy fields TAKADA, M B (Obihiro Univ Agri Vet Med)/TAKAGI, S (Univ Tokyo)/KOBAYASHI , T (NIAS)/YOSHIOKA, A (Univ Tokyo)/KUBO, T (Hokkaido Univ)/WASHITANI, I (Univ Tokyo)

[ES08-6] Preliminary observations on diversity and habitat preference of microcrustaceans in ricefields of Shiga Prefecture, Japan GRYGIER, M J (Lake Biwa Museum)