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EAFES Symposium ES11 -- 21 March 9:00-12:00 Room E

Integrated Studies on Carbon Balance of East Asian Terrestrial Ecosystems

Organizers: LIANG, Naishen (NIES), HIRANO, Takashi (Hokkaido Univ)

East Asian terrestrial ecosystems - the richest in the world - are distributed continuously from tundra and boreal forests through cool-temperate and temperate to subtropical and tropical forests latitudinally, as well as from coastal ecosystems through semi-arid and arid grasslands to desert longitudinally, and affected by the monsoonal climate. This symposium will cope with climate change protocols by synthesizing measurement, theory and modeling in quantifying and understanding of carbon balance of East Asia terrestrial ecosystems, including 1) measurements of carbon and water balances in individual ecosystem, 2) scaling up site-specific results to regional and national values, and 3) modeling evaluation of dynamics and feedback of East Asian terrestrial ecosystems to global warming.

Commentator: Guirui Yu & Changming FANG

[ES11-1] How does soil C stock respond to global climate change? FANG C. (Fudan Univ)

[ES11-2] Potential of carbon sink of the forest ecosystems in Taiwan WANG Y. (National Taiwan Univ)

[ES11-4] Interannual variation of ecosystem carbon sinks strength of temperate forests in Korea Aastha B.M. (Yonsei Univ)

[ES11-5] Quantifying terrestrial carbon cycle in East Asia through multi model and data analysis ICHII K. (Fukushima Univ)

[ES11-6] Modeling approach to study the recent atmospheric CO2 budget over East Asia SHIM C. (Korea Environ Inst)

[ES11-7] Temperature and precipitation determine the spatial pattern of terrestrial ecosystem carbon exchange in Asian monsoon region YU G. (IGSNRR)