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March 17-21, 2009 Morioka

56th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ56)


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General Instruction


By Air

Two round flights to Iwate Hanamaki are available from each of Sapporo, Nagoya, and Osaka. It takes about 50 minutes by shuttle bus between the airport and the Morioka station. Bus services are available at the time of arrival and departure.

By Train

Two trains per hour are available between Tokyo and Morioka on the Tohoku Shinkansen. It takes about 150 minutes by Hayate express.

From Morioka to Iwate Prefectural University

IGR: Iwate Ginga Railroad

It takes 12 minutes from Morioka St. to Takizawa St. and costs 360 yen. The entrance and platform of IGR are different from those of JR at Morioka St. The entrance and ticket-vending machines of IGR are located on the north side in the east gate of Morioka St.

Some trains operated by JR are leaving from JR track and need JR ticket instead of IGR one. Be sure to check operating track carefully.

Iwate Prefectural University is situated about 2km away from Takizawa St. It takes 20 minutes on foot or 3 minutes by local bus service.


Bus services from Morioka bus center via Morioka station to Kenritsu Daigaku (Iwate Prefectural University) are available. It takes about 30 minutes and costs 450 yen (or 480 yen for alternative route) from Morioka station to the university. The bus stop is located at the bus pool number 2 in the east gate of the Morioka station.


Free parking lots are available on campus in Iwate Prefectural University. Winter tires or chains are necessary in case of snowfall or road surface freezing. Toll parking lots are available around the Morioka station to visit Malios or Aiina. The short term parking rate is about 100 yen per 30 minutes. Discount overnight rates are available and the maximum fee is about 900 yen per 24 hours.

Check in

Reception desk will be open as follows;

The reception desk will be situated at the entrance of lecture hall, Iwate Prefectural University except for Friday, March 20, 2009.

On Friday, March 20, 2009, the reception desk will be situated at the main hall foyer of the Morioka Civic Cultural Hall(in Malios) *Reception desk is not available in Aiina.

The reception desk is expected be crowded between 14:00 and 15:00 on March 17th and in the morning on March 18th. Those who will check in Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning are highly recommended to come early enough for attending sessions.

Please wear name tag in the place. General meeting, award celemony, and award recipient lectures are open only for the society members.

On-site registration is possible (regular registration fee is 10,000 yen and student registration fee is 7,000 yen). Book of abstracts will be available for 3,000 yen per copy and sent after the meeting.


Please enjoy the banquet open at 19:00 on March 20th (Fri.), 2009 at the "Metropolitan Hall" on the fourth floor of Hotel Metropolitan Morioka, New Wing (Tel: 019-625-1211. It takes only 3 minutes on foot to the place from the Morioka station and 6 minutes from Morioka Civic Cultural Hall or Aiina. Application for banquet is still available on the official web site. On-site application will only be accepted when the registrants do not exceed the capacity of the place at the beginning of the ESJ56. Please apply as soon as possible. ʨ

Special Exhibition in Morioka

On the occasion of public lecture on Friday, March 20, the following special exhibition will be held in the main hall foyer of the Morioka Civic Cultural Hall(in Malios). Attendance of many society members is solicited.

Photo exhibition: Eco Photo Award 2009:°»Ecologists' selects of the universe for the future generation.°…

Panel exhibition showing activities of committees in the ESJ. A corner for observing organisms symbolic to the themes of lectures in the public lecture and those familiar and representative to Iwate people.

Notices for Participants

The ESJ56 meeting will be subject to the rules written in the bylaw for the ESJ meetings (Printed in the program in Japanese). All the participants should keep the bylaw and notices below, and follow instructions by members of the organizing committee, chairpersons, and session managers.

Caution for copyrights and portrait rights

Permission by presenters is required for taking photographs or video images of oral and poster presentations. Even with permission, photographers or camera operators should be careful not to entail a good deal of trouble in the neighbors.

Food, Drinks and Smoking in Iwate Prefectural University

A few meeting rooms and lobby in the shared lecture building can be used as resting rooms. We will provide tea at the rooms.

You can eat lunch at the student's restaurant. Lunch boxes will be on sale. Almost no restaurants are available arounf the university.

A stand in Student's Hall and a convenience store around the university are available. Smoking is prohibited on the whole campus. Please refrain from smoking in Iwate Prefectural University.

Food, Drinks and Smoking in main hall of Morioka Civic Cultural Hall and Aiina

You can eat and drink in the foyer of the main hall of Morioka Civic Cultural Hall. Food and drinks are prohibited in the mail hall. Smoking is only allowed at the designated smoking areas.

In Aiina, you can bring drinks into the conference room. Smoking is prohibited in the whole building. Please refrain from smoking in Aiina.

There are some restaurants on the fourth and twentieth floors in Malios. In Aiina, a convenience store and some restaurants are located in the ground floor

Notices for Presenters

Oral presentation

Session rooms are equipped only with an LCD projector (true XGA, 1024 x 768) and a personal Computer. Windows Vista, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2003 and Adobe Reader are installed on the PC. The use of your own PC is not acceptable.

Instruction for preparing presentation file

Please pay full attention to the above equipments. In preparing presentation file, you should understand that your presentation file will be registered in advance and preloaded on the PC in your presentation room. You should also follow the following instructions.

Your Power Point file should be compatible to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 on Windows Vista. Only the standard font sets on this OS are acceptable and the use of animation is not permitted.

A file made on Mac OS should be converted to a Windows file and its validity should be confirmed on a Windows PC before registration.

A file prepared on PowerPoint 2007 should be saved not in the form of PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx) but in the form of "PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation (*ppt)."

The size of your presentation file should be as small as possible (less than 5 megabytes). A file whose size is smaller than 2 megabytes is highly recommended. Make sure to avoid including high-resolution photos or graphics and convert them to files with resolution in harmony with the screen resolution (1024 x 768).

Deadline for submission of your presentation file is 17:00, Friday, March 6th, 2009. Please register your file on the official web site before the deadline.

The name of each file will be automatically generated. If your presentation file is not registered by the deadline, you will not be able to use the projector in you presentation. If you need not use a PC and an LCD projector in your presentation, please notify the organizing committee via email to the organizing committee () by 17:00, Friday, March 6, 2009. Without the notification, your presentation will be cancelled.

Each presentation at the oral sessions should be 15 minutes long (12 minutes for presentation followed by a 3- minute question and answer). Sounds of a bell will inform you of elapsed times from the start of your presentation; first at 10, second at 12 and finally at 14.5 minutes, Please be strictly punctual.

At the start of your presentation, an operator in your session room will operate the PC and show the first slide of your presentation. Then, either you can operate the PC by yourself or you can ask him/her to operate the PC.

Each presenter should take the chair of the next presentation to his/her presentation. A member of the organizing committee will take the chair of the first presentation in a session.

Poster presentation

Poster presentations will be posted on March 18 and 19 in three rooms, gymnasium (PA), west (PB) and east (PC) corridors on the third floor.

The position of your presentation is indicated by the number of presentation on the exhibition board set near the °»Information Desk for Poster Presentations°… (located in the entrance of PA), and on the Poster Presentation Map on the both ends of PB and PC. If you cannot find the place of your presentation, please ask a staff at the information desk.

Time for display and presentation

Presentations on March 18 Please put your posters on the board from 15:00 on March 17 to 10:00 on March 18.

Presentations on March 19 Please put your posters on the board from 17:30 on March 18 to 10:00 on March 19.

Each poster will be mounted on a 90cm width by 210cm high poster board. Each presenter should prepare pins or thumbtacks necessary for sticking his/her poster on the board. No Scotch tape or adhesive tape is permitted.

Those who have applied for poster prize should mount their poster in the previous day or before 9:00 on the day of presentation. Posters mounted later or not read during the core time will be excluded from the judgement.

The core time of poster presentation is 12:15-14:15. Please stand by your poster and explain your paper on request of the audience during the core time.

Posters should be removed respectively before 17:00 on March 18th and before 19:30 on March 19th.

Announcement and commendation ceremony will be held between 16:00-17:00 at the Information Desk for Poster Presentations. Those who applied for the poster prize should come during the hour. The posters winning the best-poster prize will be honorably posted on the exclusive board (placed in lobby in front of the poster hall). The winners are asked to move his/her posters.

Poster Prize

The Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ) awards Poster Prize to excellent poster presentations for encouraging young scientists. Policy of operation and the criteria for judgement will be found on the website ( http://www.esj.ne.jp/meeting/poster_prize/about-e.html ). Please read it before preparing your poster for judgement, and take the suggestions in consideration.

As for the presentations which have applied for poster prize, the organizing committee will put a small paper showing °»Applicant for Poster Prize°…. If you cannot find the paper even though you applied for the prize, please contact a staff at the °»Information Desk for Poster Presentations.°…

Awarded posters will be marked with ribbons around 16:00. Award ceremonies will be held at the student lounge (in front of the shop on the second floor of the student hall) between 16:30 and 17:00. Award winners should join the ceremony in this period.

The best prize winning poster will be posted on special boards (set up in the student lounge) by the end of the poster session (19:30, March 19th). We ask the best prize winners to move their posters.

The best prize winners who would like to remove their posters before the end of the poster session should ask a staff at the Information Desk for Poster Presentations and remove them. Those posters remaining after the end of the poster session will be disposed of.

Symposia, Forums, Organized Sessions, and Workshops

The organizers of these sessions should manage the sessions to conclude within the scheduled time. No extension of time is granted.

No operator will stand by for these sessions except for those held in Aiina on Marth 20th. If any trouble occurs, please inform the headquarters. On March 20th in Aiina, an operator will manage the whole four rooms.

The Organizing Committee provides only an LCD projector (true XGA, resolution 1024 x 768). The organizers should bring a PC which preloads presentation files of all the speakers.


Ecological Society of Japan