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2017/3/9     Extension of deadline for submission of oral presentation file

We have requested speakers to upload your presentation file within the limit of 5MB, but many of you suggested that it is not possible to prepare a presentation with such a low size limit. Until last year, the size limit was 20MB, but because our registration system was outsourced this year, this limit was unexpectedly changed to 5MB without any proper discussions within the organizing committee. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the low size limit.

We have extended the deadline as below, and presentation files of up to 20MB can now be uploaded. Please re-submit your presentation file if you wish to replace the file you already submitted.

Deadline: 17:00, March 10th (Note that it must be by 17:00 and NOT by 23:59)

The URL has been sent to the registered email addresses of the presenters, but please contact the help desk (esj-desk@bunken.co.jp) in case you haven’t received the email.

2017/2/17     Deadline of presentation file submissions for oral presentation.

Deadline of presentation file submissons for oral presentation is March 7  (Tue), 23:59 (JST) 17:00 (JST), March 10th (extended)Please submit your file by the deadline from this registration site: https://iap-jp.org/esj/conf/login_en.php

2017/2/2     Extension of deadline for abstract of oral and poster.

Deadline for abstract of oral and poster presentation is February 14 (Tue), 17:00 (JST). Please submit your abstract by the deadline from this registration site: https://iap-jp.org/esj/conf/login_en.php

2017/1/20     Program of ESJ64 was uploaded.

Program (PDF) is available (HTLM version is here).

2016/12/21     Schedule list of ESJ64 was uploaded.

Please click here to see the schedule list.

2016/11/2     Extension of deadline for oral and poster presentations

The online registration system for the annual meeting of ESJ was renewed this year, but because the new system was not checked properly, we noticed a major error that prevented all potential participants to have fair presentation opportunity. We therefore extended the deadline for registration of oral and poster presentations as follows. Please pay attention to the deadlines and register your presentations.

Application for a new membership to present at the meeting: 15:00 (JST), Mon, 7 November 2016
Registration of oral and poster presentations: 17:00 (JST), Thur, 10 November 2016

Those who are already ESJ members must pay the 2016 membership fee by 15:00 (JST), Fri, 18 November 2016 to present at ESJ64. If payment by the deadline cannot be confirmed, your presentation will be cancelled.

Presentation registration site: https://iap-jp.org/esj/conf/login_en.php
Information on membership application: https://www.esj.ne.jp/esj/e_site/e_join.html

1. Those who apply for a new membership must complete the online membership application AND payment of 2017 membership by 15:00, 7 November. Your membership ID and password will be sent by 9 November, which will be necessary for the presentation registration.
2. Deadline for those applying for re-admission (due to previous failure to pay membership) is also 15:00, 7 November.
3. No exceptions will be allowed after deadlines from the standpoint of fairness.


2016/9/29     Applications for session and presentation have been started.

Please read the meeting information (Second circular) carefully  and apply for your session or presentation through the online registration system (https://iap-jp.org/esj/conf/login_en.php)


2016/9/20  The Meeting Infomation (Second circular) of the ESJ64 has been released.


2016/9/1     Application for English Presentation Award have been closed.


2016/9/1     Application for symposium have been closed.



2016/7 /1     Application for English Presentation Award have been started.

ESJ64 will award the 4th English Presentation Award to promote scientific communication in English in the meeting and provide more opportunities among international students, scientists from abroad and Japan. We are paying particular attention to increase opportunities for young scientists to strengthen their communication ability in English. To enter for the award, you need to send an application e-mail as indicated at the official website on English Presentation Award before 1 September 2015. Please refer to the official website (https://sites.google.com/site/esj64engpresenawarden/) for latest information.



2016/6/1     Application for symposium have been started.

Each symposium proposer should carefully read symposium proposals in the Meeting Information. Proposals must be received on or before Thursday, 1 September 2016, 17:00 (JST) by email. 〈esj_sympo@mail.esj.ne.jp



2016/6/1  The Meeting Infomation (First circular) of the ESJ64 has been released.