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EAFES Special Symposium EX02-6

Regional Carbon Storage of Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystem in China and its Global Significance

WANG Yongsheng (CAS) et al

The dynamic change of regional or global carbon cycle and budget is the core of global change research. Many studies focused on the spatiotemporal pattern of regional carbon budget in terrestrial and marine ecosystems and the process mechanism of carbon cycle in the past two decades. However, there lacks systematic evaluation of regional terrestrial and marine ecosystem carbon pool, carbon cycle flux and theirs global significance, which will restrict the comprehensive understanding of their characteristics. On the basis of summarizing the research results of regional carbon cycle of terrestrial and marine ecosystems in China, we used the method of data integration to determine the carbon storage of major terrestrial and marine ecosystem, the exchange flux between biosphere and atmosphere, the change of CO2 emission which is caused by land use and fossil fuel combustion, and their functions in the global carbon cycle, which can not only provide a scientific basis for the sustainable development of social economic, ecosystem management and confronting climate change in China, but also provide methods and scientific data for regional carbon budget evaluation under the global climate change.