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EAFES Special Symposium EX02 -- 18 March 9:30-12:00 Room B

Managing Ecosystem toward Carbon Sequestration Enhancement and Climate Change Mitigation in East Asia

Organizers: YU Guirui (CAS), LIANG Naishen (NIES), LI Sheng-Gong (CAS)

We cover topics of 1) carbon exchange and sequestration capacity for typical terrestrial ecosystems and the roles in carbon budgets, 2) sustainable ecosystem management and climate change mitigation with regards to carbon sequestration, and 3) cost-benefit analyses on the approaches for ecosystem carbon sequestration enhancement.

[EX02-1] Effects of Understory Removal and N-fixing Species Addition on Soil GHG Fluxes in Four Forest Plantations in Southern China LI Haifang (CAS)

[EX02-2] An Automated Chamber Network for Long-term Monitoring GHGs Balance of Terrestrial Ecosystems in East Asia LIANG Naishen (NIES)

[EX02-3] Temporal Variability of Aboveground Net Primary Productivity of Temperate Steppe Along a Precipitation Gradient in North China GUO Qun (CAS) et al

[EX02-4] Carbon Budget of Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems in China and Its Global Significance ZHAO Ning (CAS) et al

[EX02-5] Soil Carbon Sequestration and the Related Processes in Four Subtropical Plantations in Southern China WANG Hui (CAF)

[EX02-6] Regional Carbon Storage of Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystem in China and its Global Significance WANG Yongsheng (CAS) et al

[EX02-7] Forest Biomass Carbon Storage in the Plantations and Its Responses to Climate Change in Shanxi Province, China LI Feng (CAS) et al

[EX02-8] Carbon Sequestration of China: Forest Ecosystems and Its Role in Climate Change Mitigation LI Shenggong (CAS) et al.

[EX02-9] Inter-site Comparison of Ecosystem Physiological Parameters of Asian Forests TAKAGI Kentaro (Hokkaido U)

[EX02-10] Northern Japan's Cool-temperate Forest Reaches its Carbon Compensation Point 7 Years after Clearcutting AGUILOS Maricar Morales (Hokkaido U)

[EX02-11] Effect of Forest Management on Soil Carbon Dynamics in China LIU Shirong (CAF)