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EAFES Special Symposium EX02-8

Carbon Sequestration of China: Forest Ecosystems and Its Role in Climate Change Mitigation

LI Shenggong (CAS) et al.

Forest ecosystems account for 20.36% of the land area by 2008 in China, according to a recently released report of forest inventory survey. Forest coverage has been increased due to implementation of plantation across China over past several decades. This motivates a challenge of how to manage China’s forests so that their roles in offsetting greenhouse effect are enhanced or maintained. Thus, integrated or sustainable forest management (SFM) in China is very important in climate change adaptation and mitigation. This presentation outlines some practices in SFM in China and their potential measures of climate change adaptation and mitigation. In terms of carbon sequestration potential, China’s forests have been acted as a strong carbon sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide. Some measures, such as forest thinning, understudy cleaning and plantation, control of forest rotation length, replacing of pure plantation with mixed forests, reducing of damage from fire, pests, and disease, are proved to be effective to enlarge roles of China’s forests in climate change adaptation and mitigation, though these measures are site specific in some parts of forest distributed areas. We also report some successful demonstrations of forest management in line with balancing of economic, environmental and social benefits.