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Bylaws of the Young Scholar Award of the Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ Suzuki Award)

Article 1: The Young Scholar Award of the Ecological Society of Japan (hereinafter ESJ Suzuki Award) is awarded to members of the ESJ within 4 years of their acquiring their degree (including graduate students). Recipients are expected to have achieved excellent results in the field of ecology. In principle, three recipients are selected from a list of self-appointed applicants each year.

Article 2: An ESJ Awards Committee (hereinafter referred to it as “Committee”) is established to select candidates for the ESJ Suzuki Award.

Article 3: Members of the ESJ Awards Committee for the ESJ Award also serve as members of the Committee.

Article 4: The Committee selects a group of final candidates from among all applicants, and reports reasons for this selection to the President of the ESJ. If no candidates are selected, the committee also reports reasons to the President. Candidate membership history is taken into consideration during selection.

Article 5: If a member of the Committee becomes a nominee or a recommender, and remains a candidate or a recommender until the final stage of the selection, that member must resign from the Committee.

Article 6: The President consults with the board of directors regarding the pros and cons of each candidate selected by the committee. Recipients are selected from the group of final candidates by vote, upon obtaining more than two-thirds supporting votes from the board of directors. Recipients are immediately notified of the decision. If no recipient is selected, with approval of the board of directors, the President will announce this to ESJ members.

Article 7: The decision of recipients is made 3 months prior to the award ceremony.

Article 8: The award ceremony is held during the ESJ Annual Meeting of, and recipients are presented with an award certificate and 50,000 JPY from the Foundation for awards of the Ecological Society of Japan.

Article 9: In principle, the Award recipient will give an Award lecture regarding research for which they received an award at the Annual Meeting where the award ceremony is held, and submit a review paper for inclusion in an Awarded Research section in a journal of the ESJ.

Article 10: Amendments to these bylaws must be approved by the board of directors.

Article 11: This list of rules is made in Japanese and translated into English. The Japanese text is the original and the English text is for reference purposes. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these two texts, the Japanese text shall prevail.

Supplementary Provisions:
1. These rules came into effect on February 23, 2014.
2. Amendment of these rules came into effect on June 22, 2014.
3. Amendment of these rules came into effect on December 26, 2015.
4. Amendment of these rules came into effect on December 16, 2017.
5. Amendment of these rules came into effect on March 17, 2018.