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How to join

◆ Membership Categories
The Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ) has three categories of membership: 1) regular member (personal), 2) student member (personal), and 3) sustaining associate member (group/personal).
You can select any of the membership categories to join ESJ. Details of each membership can be found in the "Membership Fee" section.
In addition, periodical ESJ journal subscriptions are available for those who do not wish to join ESJ. We have different online application systems for regular/student members and sustaining associate members/journal subscribers.

[Regular/Student Member]

  1. Opening the Online Application System ( and Sending the Application Form
    1) Fill out the application form
    2) Confirm the application form is completed correctly
    3) Select annual membership fee payment method

    A credit card or postal transfer can be used to pay the annual membership fee. If you select postal transfer, please transfer money to the Japan Post Bank account described in the email that is automatically sent after application form receipt.

    4) Send the application form

    Contact information:
    ESJ Member Service Desk
    358-5, Yamabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0801, Japan
    TEL +81-3-6824-9381 FAX +81-3-5227-8631
    Hours of Operation: 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (Japan time, excluding weekends and public holidays in Japan)

  2. Receive Membership Application confirmation and ID/Password for the "My Page" online membership system
    Immediately after receiving your application form, an automatic email entitled "Notification of Acceptance of ESJ Membership Application" is sent to the email address provided in the application.
    If you do not receive this email, the contents of the application form may be incorrect. If this occurs, please notify the ESJ Member Service Desk.
    After receiving the annual membership fee, we will send an additional postal mail containing your ID and password for the online membership system, My Page.
    The ID/password is also required to register online for the ESJ Annual Meeting.
    Note: If you apply to join ESJ in the current year, you will have access to My Page starting in January of the next year.

[Sustaining Associate Member/Journal Subscriber]

The application procedure is similar to the process described above for regular/student members. Please complete and send the online application form.

Notes: Sustaining associate members/journal subscribers cannot present their study at the Annual Meeting of ESJ, and thus cannot use the online registration system for the meeting.

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How to withdraw

[IMPORTANT] Withdrawing from ESJ:
ESJ will accept membership withdrawal applications at any time; however, membership fees will not be returned. Therefore, it is recommended that membership withdrawal occur at the end of the current membership year, before a new membership fee is charged.

Online Application through My Page

  1. After logging into your My Page account, click the "Next page" button next to the line that says "Withdraw from ESJ”, select the reason and year for withdrawal from the drop-down menu, and press send.
  2. You will receive an email to confirm your withdrawal from ESJ. If there are unpaid fees, please pay them according to the procedures described in the email.

Paper Application

If you cannot use My Page, a Fax or letter describing the reason and year for withdrawal from ESJ are also acceptable. If there are unpaid fees, we will inform you of the payments through email.

[Reminder of unpaid fees]
Any reminder to pay fees is conducted through email once a withdrawal request is received. Even when the request is received by Fax or letter, the email address registered to the user on My Page is used for further communication. If the member cannot be contacted through the given email, we will attempt contact through postal mail.

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Items not able to be changed on My Page

ESJ members can use the online membership system, My Page, but cannot change the following items:

  1. Membership category
  2. Regional Branch
  3. Order of printed journal products
  4. Automatic bank withdrawal

If you wish to change the above items, please send an email or inquiry form to the ESJ Member Service Desk.
Please contact the ESJ Member Service Desk with address changes for all Regional Branches.

Notes for changing the order of printed journal products:

The order of printed journal products for delivery is closely connected to the annual membership fee; therefore, we cannot change it immediately after your application. To change the order of printed journal products, please apply by the end of October the year before you wish to make a change.

Membership for low-income regular members

ESJ has a special discount of the membership fee for low-income regular members. Applicants need to download an application form from the ESJ homepage, fill it out, and send it to the ESJ Member Service Desk.
This membership is not automatically renewed. Therefore, if we do not receive a new application form before the due date, a regular membership fee will be charged

Member name and Regional Branch changes

You cannot change your name or Regional Branch. Please contact the ESJ Member Service Desk to change these items.

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Membership Fee

ESJ publishes three journals:
Ecological Research (ER): six issues per year (in English)
Japanese Journal of Ecology (JJE): three issues per year (in Japanese)
Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology (JJCE): two issues per year (in Japanese)

[Regular/Student Membership]

Regular and student members may present their studies at the Annual ESJ Meeting and may vote.

Basic Membership Fees

Membership Annual Fee Additional Fees
Regular Member 9500 Yen Booklet Delivery Fee (if you order printed products)
Student Member 4500 Yen*

* Annual membership fee for students is 4500 Yen from 2019, while 6500 Yen before 2018 (as of August 27, 2018).

Booklet Delivery Fee
Applicants who order printed journal products (booklets) must pay an additional booklet delivery fee.

Journal Annual Fee
ER (including publishing costs) 8000 Yen
JJE 600 Yen
JJCE (including publishing costs) 2000 Yen**

**JJCE is available online (free) two years after being published. To read the journal immediately after it is published, please order a printed copy.

• An example of annual membership fee:
 Regular member orders JJE and JJCE booklets for delivery
⇒ 9500 Yen + 600 Yen (JJE) + 2000 Yen (JJCE) = 12100 Yen

[Sustaining Associate Member]

Sustaining associate members cannot present at the annual meeting and may not vote.

Booklet Delivery for the Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology Annual Fee
No (ER and JJE) 20000 Yen
Yes (ER, JJE and JJCE) 22000 Yen

[Journal Subscription]

Periodical subscriptions to JJE and/or JJCE can be ordered without obtaining ESJ membership. To read ER, you must apply for membership, as described above.

Journal Annual Price (including delivery fee)
JJE 9000 Yen
JJCE 5000 Yen
JJE and JJCE 14000 Yen

If you wish to order a specific issue of a journal, please contact the ESJ Office.

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