The Ecological Society of Japan


Bylaws for the Annual Meetings of the Ecological Society of Japan


Article 1: These bylaws define necessary articles concerning the annual meetings (hereinafter referred to as "the meeting(s)") which are held by the Ecological Society of Japan (hereafter "the ESJ"). To contribute to the promotion of ecology, the meeting shall be an opportunity to present results of ecological research and aims to widely provide a forum for exchanging ecological researchers.


Article 2: The name of the meeting shall be the "The annual meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan".

  1. In accordance with the establishment of the ESJ, as a general incorporated association, the following provisions shall be applied in order to facilitate smooth transition concerning enforcement of the meetings.
  1. Regarding the number of meetings, the meeting held in 1953 is the first one. The number of times is added every year, even after the corporation establishment.
  2. The names of each meeting will be counted as "The 60th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan" and abbreviated as "the ESJ60".


Article 3: The meeting shall be held once a year.


Article 4:The meeting is managed by the planning committee (defined in Article 10) and the organizing committee (defined in Article 11).

Host district

Article 5: The host districts of the meeting shall be decided at the general meeting after the meeting of the board of directors.

  1. The venue of the meeting is determined by the organizing committee under consultation with the planning committee, and the approval of the board of directors should be obtained.


Article 6: The schedule of the meeting is determined by the organization committee under consultation with the planning committee, and the approval of the board of directors should be obtained.


Article 7: Both participation and banquet fees are determined by the organizing committee after conferring with the representative director and planning committee. A consultation with the board of directors is required. (Content)

Article 8: Contents listed in the followings are carried out during the annual meeting.

  1. General presentations (oral and poster presentations) by the ESJ members
  2. Sessions (e.g., symposiums)
  3. General meeting
  4. Committee meetings
  5. Award ceremony of each prize
  6. Banquet
  7. Others that the board of directors deems necessary

Participant, presenter

Article 9: At the annual meeting, all persons who have understood the purpose of this meeting and have undergone the prescribed procedures can participate. Membership does not matter.

  1. Presenters of general presentations and sessions are limited to the ESJ members. However, if the planning committee or the organizing committee approves, the membership of the presenter does not matter.

Planning committee

Article 10: In order to prepare and operate the annual meeting, the ESJ establishes a planning committee. The planning committee is mainly responsible for preparing and operating the general presentations and sessions.

Organizing committee

Article 11: In order to prepare and operate the annual meeting, the association of district to be the venue organizes the organizing committee. The organizing committee is in charge of matters necessary for the operation of the meeting (e.g., the venue management and accountancy).


Article 12: Accounting of the annual meeting is treated as business related expenses of the corporate accounting.

Participant's obligation

Article 13: Participants must pay the participation fee. However, if the planning committee and/or the organizing committee approve, the payment for the participation fee will be exempted. Participants must comply with the regulations related to the meeting management, such as these bylaws and "Notices for Participants".


Article 14: For participants specified by the secretary general of the organizing committee or the planning committee chairperson as being likely to hinder the operation of the meeting, the committees can ask the participant to leave the venue with the consent of the President. The committee can reject participation in the meeting to those who were asked to leave the venue in the past.

Program and abstracts

Article 15: The planning committee shall compile the books of the program and abstracts. The copyright of the books of the program and abstracts belongs to the ESJ. If the submitted manuscript is judged to include the contents against public order, the planning committee can ask the author to revise the contents. If the author does not respond to the revision, posting can be stopped.

Crisis Management

Article 16: To handle a case of emergency or disaster during the annual meeting, the Organizing Committee organize the Safety Management Committee to establish an action plan for a case, and report this to the Board of Directors prior to the meeting.

  1. In case that fire, earthquake, meteorological disaster, man-made disaster, infectious disease, etc. has a significant impact on the meeting, or if the impact is expected to continue, the annual meeting can be canceled (including partial cancellation), postponed, and changed its schedule and way to be held according to the “Decision-making Procedure for Emergencies at the Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan”, which is separately specified. If the annual meeting cannot be held as scheduled, the instructions to handle the participation fees, etc. will be indicated to the participants separately.


Article 17: The approval by the board of directors is necessary for the revision of these bylaws.

Another bylaw

Article 18: Necessary matters for the enforcement of these bylaws shall be determined separately through resolution of the planning committee.

Supplementary provision

  1. These bylaws shall be applied from the 66th annual meeting in 2019.
  2. Amendment of these bylaws came into effect on July 11, 2020.


If there is any contradiction between what the English language version says and Japanese language version says, then the Japanese language version shall take precedence.